Energy Vampires (Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths)

In this week’s episode I share my experience with an Energy Vampire. I offer tips that will help you recognize and protect yourself from these types of people.

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2 thoughts on “Energy Vampires (Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths)

  1. Sarah says:

    I didn’t know where to post this testimonial, and I figured I would just post it in here… So, I’ve been taking coaching sessions with Giovanna for over a year, and I must say that her sessions completely shifted my experience of life. I’m so much happier than I once was, and through her sessions, I learned how to work with the things that continually frustrated me, and kept me stuck all those years. As a consequence, I now can do things that I never thought were possible. I highly recommend hiring her as your coach, and I promise that your life would shift in whichever direction you want it to go.

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