Why Men Love Football

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Why Men Love Football

This last Sunday I got peer pressured into going to a Super Bowl party.  I really just wanted to stay at home and watch the Real Housewives but sometimes the FOMO is too great. I decided to turn this event into a social experiment and examine “why men love football.”

There are so many reasons why men love football (and sports just in general) that my little video can’t cover them all. One of the guys interviewed, stated that sports is the closest thing guys have to the gladiator battles in ancient Rome. I found this to be extremely interesting because it illustrates how ingrained “survival of the fittest” and competition is in our psyche. We are taught as kids to be competitive and be the “best.” But what is “best”? The “Best” doesn’t exist. Maybe it still does in sports and kept in the arena of sports is fine. But in the arena of life, I believe we are all unique and here for a purpose. Therefore, winning at life is trying to figure out what your gifts are and how they can contribute to the world. Nobody can be you and you can’t be anyone else so if we are the best at being ourselves, well, then that’s pretty freaking amazing!

16 thoughts on “Why Men Love Football

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    Winky Dink Media says:

    A good football game is like a soap opera. There are people you like, and
    people you don’t like. They take you on an emotional roller coaster through
    their struggle for victory.

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    Michael O'Rourke says:

    Im am an active person I hate whatching sports as I would rather do sports
    im a man with alot of skills and knowlege plus your right about its better
    to be the best you can be than to follow suite

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    450rmack says:

    A woman trying to figure out what makes a man tick is like an innocent
    little kitty cat trying to figure out what makes a Lion tick. It’s genetics
    and a little thing called Testosterone. It’s Science. Nothing that can be
    explained really, it’s just there.

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    Orion Xavier says:

    I don’t watch sports. I’m too busy taking out my aggression and competitive
    nature in online gaming. 😛

    But when I do watch football, I get really into it. It’s not the
    competitive nature of it, it’s the thrill of danger. Of injury, or pain.
    Like your example of gladiator games. The more there is at stake; to lose,
    the more you have to win. Survival of the fittest is not just being the
    fittest, but surviving.. that’s when you really find out who you are as a
    person. When you’re faced with death.

    You could almost say that’s sort of what makes life less interesting and
    compelling in America. The best generations came from war, or times of
    great adversity, like the Great Depression. Think about it. 😉

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    Noah Ramirez says:

    +Giovanna Silvestre I love soccer and I’m really good at it .. can u do a
    video about why man loves soccer please ??..

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    StratMatt777 says:

    There ARE men who don’t give a crap about football… and baseball. I can
    tell you that there are at least three of us who don’t give a crap.

    I have dibs on you. Oh wait a minute- damn it, now you’re pissed! Oh well.

    Do you have a Ferrari? Or just a mug?

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    Andy Bowker says:

    I don’t like American football, but love English football (or soccer to
    Americans) – but it is strange how some football fans behave in my country,
    for sure.

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    RedElephantStampede says:

    Allow me to jump in here, if you please. A woman’s perspective on why we
    (Men) love football and the “Psychology” behind it? Two strong reasons
    apply here: The X’s and O’s, The similarity to chess, It’s not all “my
    team” or University is better than yours. “Chest Beating” is what I call
    the half-wit students that don’t know a Stunt from a Grunt. Some of us
    (believe it or not) actually enjoy the game itself: The pageantry, the
    rivalries, the FUN! And as folks will identify me as an Alabama fan let
    them also know that I have been so for 40 years now however I enjoy College
    Football. Folks say HUH? My answer- I love Alabama football but if it’s
    North Dakota ST vs Alaska Tech A&M I WILL watch it, because I love the game
    of college football. SO, to the woman that mentioned “insecurity” : you
    mentioned Glory and Strength. Hmm, not bad attributes to place upon humans.

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