The Casual Breakup

The Casual Breakup

Break ups, even causal ones, have their casualties. The “take no prisoners” attitude needs to change!

13 thoughts on “The Casual Breakup

  1. ChaoticMatters says:

    Good use of chalkboard! :p but you should’ve stayed with him, made your
    movie, and then broke up with him after you got successful!

  2. MamaKatTV says:

    Wow, you’ve had some really uncomfortable breakup conversations! The idea
    of breaking up was so uncomfortable to me that I just ended up marrying the
    first guy I dated.

  3. SuperAceuno1 says:

    Points to ponder, I’m kind of surprised you’re not gaining viewers and
    subscribers faster than this

  4. Winky Dink Media says:

    Great vid 🙂 I’ve recently been entangled in romantic situation where the
    girl and I connect amazingly, but outside factors are causing a break-up
    scenario. Like and love are hard :/

  5. Abarna Jeyakumar says:

    hey confused girl u sent me an email y? I hav never heard of ur channel no
    offence and I am not interested in break ups but ur a great utuber

  6. skinnydecaflatte says:

    Loved this video :), breakups can be the worst thing ever BUT you never
    know who is waiting on the other side ;).

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