How To Make Good Friends

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How To Make Good Friends

Many psychologists and people that are about to pass away say “the most sacred thing in life is the relationships we form with others”. It’s not the career we have nor our money in the bank. It’s the love that we give and receive from the people we cherish.

This can be a very scary thought if we surround ourselves with people that make us feel bad or drain us of energy. Well, watch the video and find out 🙂 I believe we all want to be with people that inspire and empower us. So how do we make the shift from toxic relationships to health ones?

“It is only the great hearted who can be true friends. The mean and cowardly, can never know what true friendship means.”
– Charles Kingsley

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35 thoughts on “How To Make Good Friends

  1. Avatar
    ConfusedGirlLA says:

    We all want to be with people that inspire and empower us. So how do we
    make the shift from toxic relationships to health ones? Watch the vid…I
    got you 😉

  2. Avatar
    Gentleman Frost says:

    I don’t understand girls always talk shit behind their backs cx
    I consider a lot of my friends parasites. They think I’m on their side but
    really I’m not xD
    great video! I shall apply it to my life even though I’m not a girl xD

  3. Avatar
    TheBitterIntrovert says:

    One of my biggest problems is that I try to be the friend that I want to
    have, but others don’t reciprocate the gesture.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I agree. I definitely had to do house
    cleaning and things are getting better. The next thing is trying to find
    new ones.

  4. Avatar
    Fahad Al-Faris says:

    phony is too good to discribe them
    it is hypocrisy– say things and do utterly different things
    UTTERLY ..a new vocab i just learned today hahaha

  5. Avatar says:

    joe rogan speaks about this kinda thing =) ENERGY VAMPIRES…nice on CG, i
    try and practice what you preach =)

  6. Avatar
    mAddAdAm2 says:

    Self proclaimed confused girl certainly has the “I know everything”
    attitude…is the name supposed to be ironic?

  7. Avatar
    jdez10 says:

    As retired therapist, I agree with what you are saying .. you are young and
    need to learn. You may have a lot of acquaintances but really no real
    friends. My motto was, you are a product of your environment. Like, your
    channel will subscribe.

  8. Avatar
    Orion Xavier says:

    Well it’s safe to assume the reason they “hang out”, like some so called
    “friends”, is for an ulterior motive other than friendship. They want
    something from that person, or the people in their social network. As a
    social phobic and highly introverted person, I’m keenly aware of the
    necessity of networking, in regards to working for a living. Because it has
    been a huge setback for me.. I’m actually barely alive right now.

    So they might talk bad about that person but they don’t want to “burn that
    bridge” by cutting them out of their social circle(s). Because they could
    potentially connect them with someone else they know (who also probably
    loathes that person lol).

  9. Avatar
    Orion Xavier says:

    “The most sacred thing in life is the relationships we form with others” I
    definitely felt that when I was near death. I was so sad that I would not
    be around to make people happy. Which was definitely a strange sentiment
    for me since I’m a very private and introverted person. I think love is
    fundamental to our spirit, but how much of it we express is dependent on
    our own physical and mental development.

    It’s also the greater purpose behind good deeds. A lot of Christians miss
    this lesson. I’m guilty of this too. I consider kindness and consideration
    a duty. But it’s more than that. It’s about connecting with people. Not
    necessarily who they are, or personally, but connecting in the spirit of
    kindness. To appreciate and *feel* it on a spiritual level.

  10. Avatar
    Orion Xavier says:

    I merely point out to you that, as a matter of fact, certain persons do
    exist with an enormous capacity for friendship and for taking delight in
    other people’s lives; and that such person know more of truth than *if
    their hearts were not so big.*
    -William James, *Talks to Teachers on Psychology and to Students on Some of
    Life’s Ideals*, 1911

    ..That certainly describes some people I know. Especially my brother. Being
    gregarious tends to attract thieves; enemies, in your midst. A gregarious
    person enjoys socializing and therefore tends to make a lot of friends.
    Because they are agreeable by nature- “that such a person could know more
    truth of people, if their hearts were not so big”.

  11. Avatar
    Adam Campbell says:

    Somewhat attracted to the idea of this video.. It always depends on your
    environment and the people in your environment. I’m not going to ramble my
    thoughts but to an extent what your saying is situational. Good video the
    eye contact is good lighting was fine sound is appropriate keep it up.

  12. Avatar
    Fatal Whale says:

    Thank you for sending me your video. It’s nice to know there’s someone else
    out there thinking these things. Very structured and to the point. Be a
    good friend and you’ll attract good friends. 😀

  13. Avatar
    Milton Lang says:

    Truth hurts sometimes, but your right about just being honest especially to
    those close around you. By the way you look very beautiful in this vlog

  14. Avatar
    PandaHero TV says:

    *Interesting video.. Thanks for sharing it to me..*
    *Thanks really.. but i don’t have friends.. so.. its alright..*

    *Subscribed anyways..*

  15. Avatar
    Jonny Sorensen says:

    Don’t talk to anybody ever and tell EVERYBODY don’t talk! (Insane Kanye
    West Legendary Rant). Good Advice Not so Confused Girl. Napoleon Hill
    called it The Power of Association “Who you associate with, you become

  16. Avatar
    Joel Garcia says:

    I have this friend who really annoys me, but I hang out with him when he
    asks because I hate being mean. I don’t like hurting people. we became
    friends because he just kept on talking to me on the bus. He’s really not
    bad person, I think he’s kool just that he gets annoying.

  17. Avatar
    SoulMan says:

    I love what you said about assessing the evening you spend with others to
    see if it’s worth your time and energy to be around them any further.
    Nicely done and congrats on the clothing line. Much success.

  18. Avatar
    Isis Nephthys says:

    You are so precious and so full of wisdom to be so young. Been watching
    your vids for about an hour and… surprise – dual bonus for me!
    Double-whammy serving of insights I needed on this self-care day. Virtual
    hugs, blessings and thanks.

  19. Avatar
    THE-MEDZ says:

    Yeah, I also wouldn’t advice anyone to hang with energy draining people.
    But contrary to what you say about life being short; life never ends, it
    goes on for eternity and that’s a long time (though time does really

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