What is it about Ojai?


                                                                                      What is it about Ojai? That’s exactly what my friend and I were wondering. It’s small and could seem a bit boring to some but I could feel a beautiful healing energy. My friend suggested it might be a vortex so we googled it and…Voilà. “Ojai is also considered by many to be a vortex of spiritual energy. From around 1874 people came to the town in horse and carriage, and later, train to “take the water” in the various hot springs in the area”. ⁣

In this energetic haven I was hosted by Caravan Outpost and we stayed in a luxury airstream with a hammock, record player, and bikes! What more could a gal want? Ever since I got back to LA I feel recharged, grounded, and peaceful. I also highly recommend getting a massage at Ojai Massage. It was quite literally the best massage I have ever had. These ladies are body healers and I could feel the toxins leave my body. 

Listen to the wind, it talks.⁣

Listen to the silence, it speaks.⁣

Listen to your heart, it knows. ⁣

-Native American Proverb








Sporting our Fantastic Fuschia Capri. The pattern is inspired by a marble stone. They are high wasted and secure so you will never have to adjust or pull them up. We also use super soft breathable material.⁣