Unexpected Beauty In San Antonio

“A mother is a guiding force through the journey of life.” Happy Mother’s Day to my girl Thelma (aka mom). Mom and I are continuing our Thelma and Louise personas and enjoying life to the fullest. I am so so so grateful to be your daughter and you are always my favorite person to laugh with. I can just imagine God saying, “I did good! These two are a riot”. Love you mom!


I took my mom to La Cantera Resort and Spa for Mother’s Day in San Antonio, Texas and I was completely shocked by the beauty. I literally felt like I was in the Italian Country side. The vast views of green rolling hills brought me back to my time with family in Italy. I had no idea Texas had this kind of country side beauty. I may have found a hidden gem…lol!

The hotel was so wonderful and gave us a beautiful Cabana by the infinity pool. Everything about this day was perfect. We had a delicious bottle of champagne from California and a lovely fruit platter. Not only did we find total relaxation overlooking the rolling hills of Texas Hill Country, the serene, sophisticated décor within the resort was like staying in a palace. After a full day of relaxing by the pool we walked over to their beautiful outdoor fire pits and enjoyed a night cap.

Even more than just a place to rejuvenate, their amenities are state of the art and I enjoyed the gym every morning. Even though I don’t play golf I loved the views of their two world-class golf courses and the golf course views from their award winning Signature Restaurant were breathtaking. I took my mom to a delicious brunch at Signature Restaurant and not only is the restaurant beautifully decorated their dishes are absolutely delish. They create savory contemporary interpretations of classic dishes that anyone would love.

Spending Mother’s Day at La Cantera Resort was such a treat! I just don’t know how I will top this experience next year. I may need to just come back…lol!

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