The Best Shows to Check Out in Vegas

It’s known as the entertainment capital of the world, and it’s no surprise. Las Vegas is the place to be when it comes to finding fun and entertainment, or the finest foods like those we’ve highlighted before on Confused Girl. The sheer variety of options for visitors to the city nestled in the Nevada desert is arguably unrivaled.

However, Vegas has also long been known for its casino resorts, with many considering it as the home of gaming. Forbes reported that over 42 million people visited in 2019 to enjoy the best of the attractions the city has to offer. However, with increasing numbers turning to online gaming and the ease of accessibility, the resorts have had to diversify their options. This is because the digitally based platforms offer more variety for players in one place; online providers even offer live tables games, such as those found on Cheeky Bingo. They have titles such as Blackjack Silver and Immersive Roulette, which mimic real-life casinos. That helps draw people into their games, and the pandemic didn’t help the physical casinos either. Many of them were forced to close, but now, international travel restrictions are easing, the numbers of people arriving at the resorts are rising rapidly.

As a result, the hospitality and personal service offered have leveled up. The resort owners know they have something special, and there’s nothing more unique than some of the shows on offer. So let’s take a look at some of the show options available to you, so you get the most of your visit to Vegas.

Mystére by Cirque du Soleil – Treasure Island Hotel and Casino

This show is absolutely fantastic; it has something for everyone. It will have you stunned, clapping, laughing, and singing along, and leave you amazed as the performers undertake some of the most challenging feats. It’s what a circus show should be from shows of strength, pole jumping, clowns, and more. The iconic setting, backdrops, and musical score that accompany everything make the 90-minute show fly by, and you’ll come away with the biggest smile on your face.

The Mentalist – Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino

Gerry McCambridge is the man of the moment in this psychic-type show, which will leave you wondering how and why? He is a well-known ‘mentalist’ in celebrity circles with Friends star Courtney Cox amongst his clientele, so Vegas is undoubtedly a fitting stage for his skills. You could say it’s a hybrid of a show, with a mix of mind reading, comedy, magic, and plenty of audience participation which is a massive part of the act. Of course, we don’t want to drop any spoilers in here, but how McCambridge seems to be able to predict the future is simply spooky!

Blue Man Group – Luxor Hotel and Casino

It’s part performance, part art, part slapstick comedy. The show features three men who are, you guessed it, blue, and who perform several short scenes that are all memorable. We loved their take on utilizing a bunch of various objects like pipes to create their own versions of well-known songs, if you’re aware of stomp then you’ll know what we mean, but the Blue Men do it so much better, all while making you laugh. This show is the epitome of entertainment, and Vegas is the perfect home for it.