You will be relieved to know all your financial commitments will be covered this month! Be sure to avoid spending money on unnecessary purchases, as they may be tempting here and there. Focus on mental balance as this will flow through your body and benefit all other aspects of your life. Your love life may seem a bit slow this month, but know that this is because you are working on yourself!


It looks like you’ll have the opportunity to grow in your career, Capricorn. This may mean transferring overseas or across the country – how exciting! It is time to forgive your partner of any wrong doings and move forward in your relationship – they understand what they have done may not have been right, but do not fear as your relationship will not be in jeopardy. For you single capricorns, use this month to focus on your career and a huge opportunity may present itself to you. TAKE IT.


Creating relationships with the right successful people are important to you. Know that the right partnership will expand your connections and your bank account! Your motivation to take on any task is contagious but make sure to rest and understand your limits. Keep working at your relationship and cherish the small happy moments you share with that special someone. For those searching for love, do not worry, as you will be given a few signs this month as whether or not to pursue that special someone.


You will start the month off on a high and slowly lose your motivation, but do not fret. It could start to get the best of you if you let it. Being straightforward with your feelings to your partner this month will ultimately strengthen your bond. There may be something on your mind you have been wanting to share with that person, share it. Someone will sweep you off your feet this month, but proceed with caution… there could be hidden motives singles.


Changes in career may not be of interest right now until you run into someone who offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. Taking this risk will benefit you financially in the long run. Do not jump to conclusions when it comes to your partner. Staying open and honest will keep things positive and strong in your relationship. Single Taurus’, take a chance with someone you have been eyeing, or a total stranger!

The planets will be aligning in favor of your career this month, Virgo. Your positive energy and motivation to get work done will be noticed by a certain someone so keep it up! You’ll be happy to see how you are rewarded. Remain patient with your partner this month or else you may come off as demanding. Focus on your creative pursuits when stressed, not only will your mind be stimulated, it will boost your confidence.

All of your goals will be within reach this month, Aries. Remain patient and continue to apply yourself. Good things will come to those who wait. Someone new and exciting will be of interest but make sure there will not be any consequences to your actions before jumping into this new love affair!


Gemini, instead of taking things to heart, use your humor to make the best of every situation. Staying positive will drive your enemies nuts! Trust issues towards your partner could result in you wanting to take a break – maybe it is time to analyze if this relationship should continue. For those who are searching for someone, maybe pursue it a little harder, get creative with how you can go about getting that special someone.

New friendships will arise within your work place this month, Cancer. This will create an uplifting and fun energy to whatever projects or tasks you may have. Your relationship is about to endure a whole new beginning as you may be considering moving into your first home together. It may be intimidating, but pursue with excitement!
Overspending this month will cause you to tighten your budget and focus on saving. Someone may try to influence you to feel differently towards your partner. Stay clear of other’s opinions and follow what your heart says. Single lovers, you may run into a total stranger that will change your life! But proceed with caution…

Your work life may be rather tasking on you this month, however, keep your head up and push through. Take a break from work and reset your priorities. Your mind and body will thank you. Romance will be at an all time high due to your giving nature and your partner will be extra appreciative of you. Singles, a special someone may walk into your life unexpectedly.


Huge opportunities are going to arrive for the month of September, Libra! You are finally going to reap the benefits of the commitments you’ve made. Remember to acknowledge those who have helped you along the way and remain humble! This will be very beneficial to you in the future. Do not lose hope in the love department. When the timing is right, you will meet that special someone that is the perfect fit for you.

 Written by Autumn Breck