New Moon Solar Eclipse Crystal Ritual February 15th- 16th 2018

The New Moon Ritual

The February New Moon falls on the 15th and is a special time for spiritual energy because it is also the time of the February Lunar Eclipse, the first Lunar Eclipse of the year. In this phase of the Moon our spirits are open to fresh beginnings, looking forward to the future and allowing a rejuvenation of our being.
To begin your ritual, first use burning dried white Sage, smudging the area you wish to use. This cleanses and purifies the area and drives away any bad or negative energy. You will notice a sense of serenity and calm in the area afterwards.
Light some candles on a small altar, any open surface is fine as long as it is clear of distractions. Once you feel the room is an open and free space for your spirit to relax in, sit with a pen and paper and write freely of your intentions.
You will be focusing on these intentions in your meditation. Remember that this is a time of growth as Spring is close, a time of renewal and new beginnings. Now relax your body, gently inhaling positive air through your nose and exhaling the stale negative air out of your mouth.
Slowly let go of all your negative feelings so your inner spirit can thrive, no longer crushed by the everyday details that call for your attention. Once your mind and spirit are at peace focus on the intentions you wrote, shedding any old energies that may be hindering you. Focus only on the positive. Saying a small prayer or invocation after your meditation is a nice way to finish the session. Give thanks for this chance for continued growth and positivity.
The Moon and Crystal Healing
February the 15th will be a perfect time if you have any crystals to clear old energies from them and recharge them with fresh new energy from the Moon.
Place them in view of the moon overnight, preferably outdoors somewhere safe so that they may recharge themselves and absorb the fresh new Lunar energy. Your crystals should now be freshly charged, able to help you in the weeks ahead as you go forward with your new found positive energy and spiritual calm.
This phase of the Lunar Cycle is a special time and we should treat it as such, grateful for our chance for continued growth.

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