Food Tour Iceland

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Eating is a need but enjoying is an art. Join me on my food tour around Reykjavik, Iceland. In this episode, I take you to my favorite places to dine in Iceland’s capital. Each place is unique and has its own specialty and charm.

Seafood Grill– One of the best seafood restaurants in town. Amazing craft cocktails, cozy quaint ambience and delicious fresh fish from the Atlantic. The service was on point, friendly and knowledgeable.

The Coocoos Nest- the most adorable family restaurant. Their chef is from Northern California…yayyyy…and makes a killer pasta. This was the best pasta dish I had in Iceland. Very charming and cozy ambiance.

Restaurant Reykjavik– If you can’t decide on one thing and want to try a bit of everything, this place has the largest and most amazing seafood buffet. The fish was fresh and tasty. They also have a bunch of other things if you aren’t in a fishy mood. I sat by the window and watched the snow fall as I enjoyed my meal. It was magical. Charming ambiance.

Tapas Barinn– Us Americans love our tapas so I had to try the best tapas restaurant in town. The music and ambiance was fantastic. It felt like a Spanish speakeasy. You can order your choice of tapas or leave it to the chef to surprise you. I left it to the chef and entered in to a wonderland of food. I left a very happy and full girl.