What is Life Coaching?

To live a beautiful life is to heal one’s soul and become the best version of yourself.  Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Everyone of us has a unique life purpose. My coaching philosophy is: You have the power and the answers to all your searches.

Coaching is a co-creative process in which I help you navigate the inevitable obstacles of life and challenge your beliefs around what’s possible. Through coaching, you will learn to become more self aware. This increased self awareness will help us identify your goals , dreams and aspirations.  We can then work on developing your talents and potential.

“Who seeks out a coach?

Winners who want even more out of life.”

–Chicago Tribune

We are free and responsible for finding out who we are and what to do with our lives. The purpose of coaching is to help you increase your sense of freedom and choice in the way you live your life.  Together, we will work on taking you to a level you haven’t yet encountered. We will work towards positive prevention to help you not just endure and survive, but to flourish as well.

Together, we will cultivate tools to help you progress with ease while operating at peak performance and coming from a place of personal power and awareness.  As we strip away the mind’s limitations and overcome obstacles, we open a world of possibilities.  In this space, you will experience breakthroughs and feel true gratitude and fulfillment.  It’s time to become the leading “Lady/Man” in your own life.

My job is to:

  • Partner with you in the process of your personal/professional growth and healing
  • Support you in organizing your goals
  • Help you become more self aware and clear about what you truly want to produce
  • Empower you to increase your sense of freedom and choice in the way you live your life
  • Remove the mind’s limitations

You will experience:

  • Traits of courage and pure potential in motion
  • Growth of interpersonal skills, insight and optimism
  • Clarity on your goals and finding your purpose
  • Growth and healing on ‘what is right that can be used’
  • Shifts in your relationships
  • A new perspective of what’s possible
  • Increased feelings of gratitude, acceptance and joy

You are imperfect and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful! -Giovanna Silvestre

To get more information about life coaching, email me at: info@confusedgirlinthecity.com