Confused Girl in the City

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Confused Girl in the City
Hi world. My name is Giovanna and I’m a confused human in the city!

First step- Let’s get vulnerable. I want to be honest about the way I feel. What is the point in acting like you have everything figured out when you don’t? I find that a completely boring way to live life. I also think it impairs growth. Therefore, I choose to embrace the confusion and actively figure it out. Or at least try and figure it out.

Like so many of you out there I am not where I thought I would be. I graduated from USC with a degree in International Relations and then worked in the Entertainment Industry for several years, ran a business and even got my real estate license. Despite all my ambition and best effort, things just don’t seem to be moving forward. As cheesy as this sounds, too much of my time has been spent looking for the pot of gold while missing all the colors of the rainbow. Therefore, I am going to change my approach to life.

Every week, I am going to do two new things I have never done before. One theory neuroscientists have is that when we are young, we are living in the moment more because all of our experiences are new. As we get older, we have less first time experiences and more memories. Therefore, by doing something new, we are more present and “in the moment”. We are not in the past or the future. We are living in the present.

These “new things” I will be doing could be anything. It could be tapping into my creative side to dating someone new. I would love to get your ideas as well! I will discuss my revelations, if there are any. I will also try and give my two cents on comments I receive. Maybe what you’re confused about, I have a handle on and vise versa.

Here’s to me “Livin’ La Vida Loca”!

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