Bungee Jump

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Bungee Jump

My first week of doing new things has been a wild one. You think I could have waited until at least the third week to jump off a bridge but I guess its “Go Big or Go Home” at this point in my life.

My roommate and I decided to do the 5 mile hike in the San Gabriel Canyon to a bridge called, “The Bridge to Nowhere.” I know right? Who in their right mind hikes to a bridge to nowhere? Well we did and then we bungee jumped off of it. I can’t even express the massive amount of fear that over came me. At one point I told the instructor that I couldn’t do it. It is the most unnatural thing to climb over the ledge of a bridge and then to jump off of it. It goes against all your human instincts. Also, I am not a natural thrill seeker. I didn’t really see the point in doing this. Being able to jump required trust in myself and others, surrendering and fearlessness. Unfortunately non of these characteristics come easy to me so it made this jump even more difficult and at the same time incredibly meaningful. Having this courage and trust made it easier to dismiss the unproductive noise. I was completely in the moment. In this case the noise was “Don’t do this. You are going to die” but in everyday life it’s “Are you good enough? Don’t do that. You might fail.” Letting go of the unproductive noise in life = Peace. Of course we will always get dragged back into the noise but knowing what it feels like to be FREE of it, is essential. What I discovered was, in the peace, I found a little bit of clarity and happiness. Its easier to capture and hold on to that feeling when you have felt it so deeply.

“You have peace,” the old woman said, “when you make it with yourself.”
― Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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