Be Fabulous On The Inside And Out

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“Chin Up Princess Or The Crown Slips.” I am the type of girl who leads with my inner beauty. I believe if you are good on the inside, you will absolutely glow on the outside. That being said, I also believe that taking care of ourselves and getting pampered helps us walk out of the house with confidence. I want all of you ladies to walk out of your homes feeling red carpet fabulous. Below is a list of amazing products I received in my Babble Box to pamper myself. I also have some great discounts for you. 😉


LumaRX Full Body Device: This machine is the best one on the market for permanent hair removal from the comfort of your own home. Users experience 94% hair reduction after just three treatment. LumaRx® technology emits light energy that penetrates deep into the skin to reach the hair root. The heat stuns the active hair follicles, which disrupts the hair growth cycle and helps prevent future hair growth. Embarrassing unwanted hair is no longer a problem…yay!
Here’s a great discount (ends 3/11/17): “BB75” for $75 off the LumaRX Body Device.


Dermae E: Vitamin C Concentrated Serum & Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer: Using these products is like making love to my face. My face has definitely received a collagen boost and my skin looks more even toned and bright. I apply the concentrated serum onto my clean face and neck. I use it in the morning and evening in combination with my Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer. This combination penetrates my skin deeply, delivering antioxidant protection and hydration.


Kerastase Ciment Thermique is hair product magic. It’s a leave in thermo- protecting primer that strengthens and protects my hair while I blow dry and curl. It’s fiber strengthening hair milk leaves my hair soft, smooth & shiny. It prevents breakage by 85% and provides instant hair surface-flaw correction. It strengthens hair from the inside out. What more can a girl ask for! 🙂


Winky Lux: Flower Balm & Stella Marina Lipstick are wonderfully unique, using the highest quality ingredients and completely cruelty free. They are not your everyday lipstick. The Flower Balm is a lip stain that applies on clear and then reacts with your skin’s pH levels, creating the perfect shade of pink just for you. I absolutely love this balm because it works perfectly with my skin tone and it is coconut scented. Stella Marina Lipstick is an ultra long- wearing lipstick that is incredibly seductive. The second I put this on, I wanted to go out on the town. I have to say this is the sexiest lipstick I have. Not to mention it tastes like vanilla.


Clear Eyes Pure Relief® Multi-Symptom is the #1 brand for eye drops. I have seasonal eye irritation and clear eyes is a complete life savor. The worst thing in the world is to be at a party or networking event with irritated, itchy eyes. Clear Eyes Pure Relief drops moisturize and sooth my eyes for up to 12 hours. Woot woot! Here’s a $4 Off coupon for Clear Eyes (available from 2/13 to 3/13).

Remember ladies, it’s okay to pamper yourself and feel like a rock star once in awhile ;)!

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