Flexibility is the word for you this month, Capricorn. You are one to keep a packed schedule or to-do list, always. This month try to allow yourself room to simply maneuver between activities to add in a little “free” time for yourself. You will feel greatly rewarded.


You tend to hold your guard up at all time, in all aspects of your life. While this could be a good thing because it ultimately protects you from harm, it could also shield you from opportunities as well. Pay more attention to what to accept and dismiss because great opportunities are headed your way during August that you don’t want to miss.


This month expect an abundance of advantages Pisces. You are an extremely determined person who will cross milestone to achieve a set goal. Expect for great rewards in exchange for the hard work you continuously put forth this month pisces. The advantages may come in a big or small amount but be sure to know that they are in fact coming.

August is off to an intense start for you Taurus. You may be facing a big deadline that your are dreading. Do not let this fear consume your entire world. You are a bull and can face anything that comes your way head first.
Massive changes are coming for you this month, Virgo. Prepare to step outside of your extremly organized box to make room for such changes. Expect them in massive reveals, endings, and, of course new beginnings during August.
Luck seems to gravitate towards you Sagittarius. Although that may not seem so true this month. The word for you to focus on during August is perseverance. Know that the negative aspects that you are facing now will not last long and you will soon find the luck you’ve been missing.

You are a very opinionated person who has no problem “telling it like it is” whether its beneficial or not, you will always express what you feel. This month, try to be bit less expressive as a special someone is due to enter your horizon. Allow the entry before dismissing the idea altogether. They could be all that you wished and hoped for whether it be professional or otherwise.


August brings drama for you Gemini. Being the great multitasker that you are, you always have your hand into too many things at once. This month try to focus on a less amount of opportunites at once to help balnce the dramatic causes to come.


This is an expansion month for you, Cancer. You may have been enduring difficulties of all kinds as of lately but watch the reasons for them soon unfold into positives. Allow yourself not to get stuck. Be sure to make room for the good stuff.




Happy Birthday month to you Leo. this is a very beneficial month for you because not only does the month revolve around you, but so do your endeveurs soon to come. Expect expansion in happiness, wealth and love during the month of August. Whichever the order they are to come, make sure you make room.




This ball is in your court this month Scorpio. You have the option to moe forward, backwards or not at all. If you are satisfied with your current position then by all means stay, at being the opportunist that you are, you are always seeking advancement. While contiplating which move to make, assure it is your best one because the outcome will be highly effective.




This will be a dramatic August for you, Libra. Expect interesting things to come early, specifically during the first weeks of the month. Be sure to keep your grounded demeaner to help balance it all.


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